Why Your Help is Needed

Important decisions are being made now about water issues that will affect the future of farming.
What kind of decisions?

Right now, environmental lawyers are preparing lawsuits against our dairy farmers.

Our State has published a draft permit and regulations that do not offer significant additional protection for water and the environment than what current regulations provide, but would drive 30% to 50% of our dairy farmers out of business.

Our State’s water code and water law is preventing farmers from getting the permitted water they need to farm, and preventing them from conserving water as they would like.

Farmers and non-farmers alike have a say in these matters. We are working to protect the future of family farming in our community. We urgently need your help.

Let us know what you are willing to do to help keep our farmers today and tomorrow.

Get Involved

Write Our Legislative Leaders Now!

Want to do something practical, easy and incredibly important? Write our Washington State legislative leaders and tell them to help make certain the regulations affecting dairies help protect our water without driving our farmers out of business.

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