Want to help preserve a future for Family Farms?

Farmers realize they can’t do this alone. They need the help of businesses, community leaders, students and concerned citizens throughout Whatcom County.

Here’s how you can help:

Financial Contributions
Download and print this contribution form PDF, use our online store to pay by credit card, or call Brad Rader at 360-410-4808.

Letters (or emails) to the editor of our local publications, comment on social media, letters to our regulators and elected officials. Sign up for our email list and we’ll keep you informed of the issues where your help is really needed.

Social Media
“like” our Facebook page, “follow” us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube feed. Don’t be afraid to speak up on some of the social media sites and comments where our farm critics like to discuss these issues.

Talk it up!
Join in community conversations or start one. Ask, what do you think about those family farmers? Help us learn what people are thinking and tell friends, family and complete strangers how important it is to you keep our family farmers around.

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We won’t flood your in-basket, but we will provide the information you need to learn about the issues facing farmers and how you can help protect the future of farming here.