Attend Whatcom Farm Circle

Thank you for your interest in participating in the Whatcom Farm Circle field trip. You can experience Whatcom Farm Circle all year long with our Virtual Whatcom Farm Circle Experience or you can apply to come to our limited space field trip between September 1 and September 30 of each year. To get more information, contact our Whatcom Farm Circle director at

In order to make sure that the program is truly accessible to all Whatcom County students, we offer this event free of charge! Each year we offer a number of transportation grants to schools with limited funding. If interested please, inquire with our Whatcom Farm Circle Director.


“Great visuals at every station, and many hands-on/interactive activities to keep the kids engaged! We look forward to it every year!”

Isom Elementary School Teacher

“I think it’s a great program and glad it’s out there for kids to learn about agriculture”

Technology Station Sponsor

“Every station brought value and was educational, no wasted time”

Group Leader Volunteer

“It aligns so well with what we are learning about plants”

Bernice Vossbeck Elementary School Teacher

“The parents, teachers, and students – we all learn something every year!”

Assumption Catholic School Teacher

Experience Whatcom Farm Circle all year long, in many ways!

With the hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic, Whatcom Family Farmers put together a meaningful alternative to this annual field trip by creating the Virtual Whatcom Farm Circle Experience. With this tool, students can now experience the Whatcom Farm Circle all year long and across the grade levels, as it is designed to cater to students beyond 3rd grade. This continues to serve as a valuable educational tool for teachers throughout the year in addition to the field trip or as an alternative.

This year for the first time, Whatcom Farm Circle is offering a new curriculum experience. Launched in October 2023, this curriculum is designed to serve as a substitute to Whatcom Farm Circle or as a supplement for students to experience before or after attending the event in person.

We encourage all 3rd and 4th grade teachers to use this curriculum and help students experience Whatcom County agriculture in more depth. These lesson plans are intended to connect our students with their food using inquiry-based learning, hands-on experiences, and critical thinking skills. Check out our curriculum experience below.

Beyond the Farm Circle Experience

Want to go in more depth about agriculture with your students? Following or as an alternative to Whatcom Farm Circle, we are now offering a Whatcom Agriculture Curriculum that aligns with 3rd and 4th grade Science, Math, English, and Social Studies Standards.

The purpose of the Whatcom Agriculture Units will be to provide local and applicable resources for teachers. These four part lesson plans provide an array of classroom activities and learning strategies. In addition, the various activities supplement other learning standards for teachers to practice with their students such as graphing, finding locations on a map, and reading comprehension. All aspects of the lesson are focused on Whatcom County red raspberry production and Whatcom County dairy production. In the future, we hope to create more local agriculture lesson plans beyond the 3rd grade level. Click the links below to explore the lesson plans on Google Drive now. If you have trouble exploring the lesson plans, please contact We also welcome any feedback. If you’d like to share comments, please contact our Whatcom Farm Circle Director.

Thank you to our Curriculum Sponsors