Whatcom Farm Circle

The Whatcom Farm Circle is an annual field trip hosted in the fall by Whatcom Family Farmers and the Whatcom County agriculture community for 3rd grade students. At this event, students learn about local food, meet real farmers, and explore the science behind agriculture.

Our objectives are to create a meaningful agriculture education experience for students, parents, and teachers of Whatcom County by:

  1. Providing a chance to meet real Whatcom farm families and learn about what they do.
  2. Providing an overview of local food production, targeting age-appropriate life science and environmental science curriculum.
  3. Providing an overview of the importance of farmland to our county, local environment, economy, and the overall health of our planet.
  4. Providing samples of healthy, locally-produced food and nutritional information.

Station Experiences

Our Collaborators

“Great visuals at every station, and many hands-on/interactive activities to keep the kids engaged! We look forward to it every year!”

-Isom Elementary Teacher

“I think it’s a great program and glad it’s out there for kids to learn about agriculture”

-Technology Station Sponsor

“Every station brought value and was educational, no wasted time”

-Group Leader Volunteer

“It aligns so well with what we are learning about plants”

-Bernice Vossbeck Elementary Teacher