Our Mission

Preserving the legacy and future of family farming in Whatcom County by unifying the farming community and building public support.

We are bold and direct while at the same time remaining respectful and truthful

WFF believes that no better environmental protection exists than that provided by farming.

We openly advocate for our farming community, and educate the public on the many benefits our farms bring to the wider community.

We provide unvarnished facts when anti-farm activists make false accusations.

We reach out with positive messages on farmer stewardship, food safety, animal welfare, and the positive relationships farmers have with their employees.

We’ve defended our farmers from unfair media attacks, legal groups and attorneys, radical environmental groups, and unreasonable government regulations. Our achievements thus far include:

  • helping create the Portage Bay Partnership, a historic partnership between farmers and the Lummi Nation designed to improve the waters in Portage Bay
  • engaging local partners to develop solutions to pollution, flooding, and salmon issues
  • involving government partners in practical solutions

Preserving the future of family farming is a big job, but we’re putting the skills of our diverse team to work to help however we can!

Getting all farmers to agree on every issue and every step is not easy, maybe not possible.

But all farmers agree that working to preserve the future of farming is in their interest and the interest of the entire community. That’s why we are here and that’s what we are working for.

We have a rich tradition of family farming, with many farms into third and fourth generations and beyond. But will that tradition continue? Will Whatcom County continue to support some of the most productive, innovative and efficient farms in the nation?

Here are a few ways to help Family Farmers in need:
  • Write letters to your elected representatives

  • Volunteer to help with outreach

  • Share our stories and info on social media

  • Talk to your friends and neighbors

  • Attend public meetings

  • Contribute financially!

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