Happy New Year from all of us at Whatcom Family Farmers! We recently became aware that many of our followers are not aware of our educational efforts. As we look ahead to 2024, we are proud to continue these educational experiences to connect our community with the people who grow their food. Our educational programs include our Real Environmental Action and Leadership campaign, the Real Food Real People Podcast, and the 3rd grade field trip, Whatcom Farm Circle. Our Farm Circle program also released a new curriculum last fall, which serves as a follow-up or alternative to attending this waitlisted event.

For 2024, the Outreach Committee is developing new opportunities to connect you with your Whatcom farmers.

The first approach is our new social media campaign, Whatcom Farmer Fridays. A few Fridays a month, we will introduce you to your local farmers, what they grow, and how to support them.

At Whatcom Family Farmers Education, our goal is preserve the legacy and future of family farming in Whatcom County by educating and connecting our community with the people who grow our food. In turn, we recognize that our farmers rely on the community to survive. Our Whatcom farmers are supported by local businesses and local buyers. Stay in tune with our social media pages and our website to learn about the diverse agricultural products of Whatcom County. We are certain you will be surprised at how many different products are grown right here in Whatcom County!