Over the course of three days, a record-breaking total of 891 third graders piled out of buses and chaperone vehicles for the 7th Annual Whatcom Farm Circle. As students eagerly waited outside the doors of the WECU Expo Building at the Northwest Washington Fair, volunteers and station leaders gathered to put on an exciting seven-station event. 18 different schools from all over Whatcom County attended. Students from as far as Acme Elementary attended, as well as those from just a few blocks away like Bernice Vossbeck Elementary.

The 47 different classrooms of teachers and students were only a handful of those who attended. After over two years of no field trips or large gatherings, dozens of parent chaperones were also welcomed. All joined together to learn about a valuable part of our community and economy – agriculture!

Following tradition of the Whatcom Farm Circle format, farmers and industry specialists from the community provided short lessons and hands-on activities focused on agricultural technology, water conservation, dairy, berry, & potato production, and wildlife on farms. Students also had the opportunity to explore the continually expanding Farming for Life Experience in the Farm Pavilion at the Northwest Washington Fair.

After the field trip, students took home swag bags that included snacks and goodies from local businesses and farmers. Activity journals and curriculum were also sent back with their teachers for extended learning opportunities.

While this experience didn’t reach all the third graders of Whatcom County, it did reach a majority, and many new schools were included in that majority. Overall, this event provided an amazing opportunity to network with the community!

We also continue to offer our Virtual Farm Circle series that provides both an overview and extension of learning for all age groups.









This event was made possible by our partners, volunteers, and many generous sponsors.

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The Farming for Life Experience is a field trip in itself. Contact us to set up a visit today.