Whatcom Family Farmers is encouraged by Whatcom County’s support for a collaborative approach to the Nooksack River Basin’s ongoing water crisis.

Last year’s drought closely followed by record-setting flooding only a couple of months later clearly demonstrated the basin’s water crisis results from a failure of water management, not a lack of water supply.

Work on real solutions to the twin problems of drought and flooding shouldn’t start in a courtroom, but instead with collaboration among everyone involved in this community issue.

Working together as a community is the only way we will achieve the changes we urgently need to protect the future of local families, fish and farming.

We applaud this step in that direction by the Council, and urge all parties in the basin to support and engage in this vital work.

View the Whatcom County Council’s vote on item number AB2022-197 at the April 12, 2022 meeting here: https://bit.ly/3EitstO