We need your help to get state leaders to start taking Whatcom County’s water management crisis seriously, and get working on major solutions right away.

Despite last November’s flooding disaster, as well as the harmful drought that came before it, the mayors of Sumas, Everson, Nooksack, Lynden and Ferndale are speaking out, saying the real problem is so far being ignored by top leaders in Olympia.

The local farming community agrees with them, and we need your help.

Send a message now to these leaders telling them to change course and start focusing on the real causes and solutions for the Nooksack River Basin’s water management crisis, including managing river sediment, developing water storage, fixing the river channel and protecting farmland.

They need to hear from you to end the harmful actions they’ve been pushing which create discord in our communities – actions that only block the collaborative work and solutions needed to protect families, fish and farming in the Nooksack Basin.