We are excited to share with you that we will be holding our first online/virtual auction April 6-10, 2021. Our theme for this event is ​Growing Our Future Together.

At Whatcom Family Farmers – Education, our mission is to preserve the legacy and future of family farming in Whatcom County by educating and connecting our community with the people who grow our food. Funds raised through this event support our education programs: REAL Environmental Action & Leadership, Whatcom Farm Circle and Real Food Real People Podcast.

REAL Environmental Action & Leadership ​is an effort by Whatcom Family Farmers – Education to increase awareness of the family farming community’s positive impacts on the environment. Our goal is to show the greater community how working together to improve our environment benefits the entire community. These stories show how farmers are leading in these efforts, and reach about 50,000 viewers each.

Until 2020, ​Whatcom Farm Circle​ was an in-person experience for over 900 Whatcom County 3rd graders to come and learn all about agriculture in Whatcom County, from the farm equipment used to the foods grown and produced locally in our community. This year, we made the necessary move to an online format and expanded our reach beyond the classroom walls with online videos and resources for teachers and families. At last count, over 2,000 downloads of our content have occurred.

Real Food Real People Podcast​ is our newest effort to create community and awareness by connecting farmers and eaters. We believe it’s more vital than ever to hear from the people who grow our food​. ​In our first season, we produced 48 episodes and our audience grew to over 1,500 listeners per episode​.

Over the last year, our community has come to realize the importance of food security. We believe it is equally important for everyone to have opportunities to learn where our food comes from, and to learn the process and all the elements involved in getting it to our tables. Our ability to educate our community relies on your support. We appreciate your consideration in sponsoring or donating to our auction. If you would like to make a donation, please fill out the attached form.

Auction Sponsor and Donor Sheet compressed