The annual Small Fruit Conference and Northwest Ag Show are both happening this week at the Northwest Washington Fairgrounds. 

Stacey Beier helps organize the events and spoke with Dillon on the Farming Show. 

WSU organizes the program side of the event, Beier said. 

“They choose what the topics are going to be, who the speakers are,” she said. 

The events take place in the horse arena on the fairgrounds. Many different organizations come in to help level the flooring and put up walls to organize the layout. That includes making room for farming equipment. 

“There’s usually several harvesters,” Beier said. “Lots of fun stuff to see. And, usually, there’s some new innovative stuff that we haven’t seen before.”

The event organizers will start planning the event in April or May and expect about 400 people to show up. 

Event goers need to register before going. It includes food and drinks, social hour, a raffle, and entry into the event. 

There are also workshops at the events that will give pesticide credits, food safety credits, and other educational credits toward the attendee. 

A BBQ food truck, Crave catering, and El Agave will all be there for the event providing food. 

“It’s really become a community event, more than just a trade show,” Beier said. 

You can register for the event at